How to rotate YouTube video 2020?: Free Softwares

How to rotate Youtube video 2020??
How to rotate Youtube video 2020??

How to rotate YouTube video

Hello friends, welcome to our post, today I am going to tell you about some hidden settings of YouTube, which is going to be very useful for you, if you have a YouTube channel and If you are a tuber, or you want to be, then you may face the problem of rotating your video after uploading too many times, so today I have brought the best solution for you in this post. So read this post completely and learn how to rotate YouTube video. So let’s know about methods by which you can able to rotate the videos uploaded in YouTube channel with easy steps.

If you do not know about how to rotate YouTube video, then I will tell you that all the settings of YouTube channel are in YouTube creator where you can do all the settings of YouTube channel, here you can upload videos and in videos You can able to use many features like editing, creating thumbnail, uploading, audio setting, comments setting.

So let’s know how to rotate YouTube video, by which you can easily rotate your video just following simple steps.

How to rotate YouTube video Method-1

How to rotate YouTube video after upload on YouTube by YouTube video Editor.

1. So first you have to log in to your YouTube channel then go to Creator Classic.

2. After this, click on Video Manager (YouTube Video Manager).

3. You will see an option YouTube enhancements.

4. Then you have to right-click the “Trim” button and click on the “Inspect” button. You can use the short-key Ctrl Shift to open setting for this.

5. As soon as you do the above steps, you will see some settings box in the down side of the browser, there you will see an element selected which will be “True”.

6. To edit it you have to double click it.

7. Now you just have to delete the “True” section and then press enter key.

8. Just after doing all above steps, you will be able to see the buttons to rotate near the video.

In order to understand this process easily, I have made a video for you, in which I have explained step by step how to rotate a video from YouTube very easily, watch and write us about the following video.

After using all the steps mentioned above, you will see Rotate Button, However, this setting is working smoothly even in the new version of YouTube.

Disadvantage of YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Video Editor is not the perfect way to rotate videos. Below are the drawbacks of it.

  • You can able to use only basic features but can’t go for advance functions in order edit it better.
  • You have to edit it online and in between editing video you need to refresh the page continuously and it also consume lots of time.
  • You need proper internet connection without it you can’t able to edit video. Problem occurs when you don’t saved your work or Internet stops suddenly.

How to rotate YouTube video Method-2

Learn Alternate ways of how to rotate YouTube video by Advanced Video Editors.

The best way rotate the video and make necessary changes before uploading it on YouTube but if you have downloaded video then you can use video editing software in order to make any changes.

You can use Windows Movie Maker, Sony vegas Movie studio, Adobe premiere and wondershare filmora. These software used not only for rotating videos but you will be able to make many changes in order to make video better.

1. Windows Movie Maker

You need Windows movie maker software installed on computer. You can use it freely and rotates videos and also there were many features like merging videos, mirror and flip video, reverse video. If you want to learn about in details then watch below video

Windows Movie maker steps to rotate video

  • First import the video that you want to edit
  • Click on videos and select video which you want to rotate then in toolbar click on rotate
  • When you set the angel save the video.

2. Sony vegas Movie studio

Sony vegas Movie studio only works in computer you can’t able to use it in any other device. Let’s describe the steps to use it.

  • Find the square box on the video which is at it’s end. Just click on it.
  • Popup will appear and now you can able to see the slider bar.
  • There will be option of rotation, position and key frame inter on the slider bar
  • Under rotation you can select angle to rotate video. Once you select the angle press enter

For more details click here

Find below video for more details

3. Adobe premiere: Professional software to rotate video

Adobe Premiere is one of the best Video editing software and it’s time line based software. It also available in Adobe creative cloud. Now lets discuss the steps in order to use it.

  • Open the Adobe Premier
  • Start or open the new project
  • Import video which you want to edit
  • Now drag video to timeline
  • You can access different effects and control lab
  • Under the Motion option you will find the option of rotation
  • Select the angel and rotate your video

Find below video for complete details.

4. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare filmora also one of the best video editor. Used by many youtubers. You can able to use it in both windows and Mac system. It has some the advance features like PIP, Green screen and Audio mixing and you will find different effects sports, games, music and many more to look your video very attractive.

Steps to rotate videos on Filmora

  • Import the video you need to edit
  • Double click the video on timeline in order to rotate the video
  • You will see one bar appears in that you will find the rotation option
  • There will be four angel 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree.
  • Export your Edited video

Find below video for better understanding.


We have described all the option of how to rotate YouTube video and in my suggestion for beginners go for filmora, windows movie maker and for professional and advance features go for Adobe premiere and sony vegas and If you still having any problem in doing this setting or if you have any question please be free to write us.

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