PUBG Mobile 2020: Released New Secret Map

PUBG Mobile 2020: Released New Secret Map
PUBG Mobile 2020: Released New Secret Map

PUBG Released New Secret Map

Let’s Find the secret of the Map. 

YES you heard right PUBG mobile released secret Map which was demanded by many users.

So, If you also Fan of this game then obviously you might have seen teasers about upcoming new Map. The official PUBG mobile channel posted four piece puzzle on twitter which shows that something new will coming soon.

This new secret Map will have monster trucks, healing springs

This new secret map will have monster trucks, healing springs. Most of the user thought that karakin Map for PC version from PUBG will coming and some thought about Erangel 2.0.

Well, all these imaginations and guesses has been false as the PUBG Mobile’s latest version 0.19.0 beta update has a new map in china. It’s an part of the classic battle royal mode, which is the first map for PUBG mobile and fifth edition. The map only works in mobile not released for PC and console version.

PUBG Mobile 2020: Released New Secret Map
                        PUBG Mobile 2020: Released New Secret Map

The Map is currently named “secret Map” and still under development process that was said by a very popular youtuber of the PUBG Mobile. Top right area covered by snow and there is desert area at left side of the bottom other than these rest of the area covered by grassland and trees. “Faurex” the name oh this map as per rumours because it has all four parts.

What’s in the PUBG MAP? 

This updated new Map famous as “Secret Map” from PUBG mobile beta. You will find the similarity to Call of Duty: Mobile’s “Isolated Map” which also has snow, desert and forest. Additionally It will be like hot spring in the northeastern corner of the map. As per YouTuber and Pro-Gamers, that map also has waterfalls and monster trucks on this Map.

Everyone will able to use this secret Map but currently it’s not available so, we need to wait for it. As of now this map available only for beta players. We can expect the new name for this map when it will be released widely.


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