Is Avast Safe? : Is Avast Antivirus or Virus? : Free version 2021 Detail Review

Is Avast Safe? Is Avast Antivirus or Virus? Free version 2020 Detail Review
Is Avast Safe? Is Avast Antivirus or Virus? Free version 2020 Detail Review

Is Avast Safe Antivirus : All information you need to know

Is Avast safe? Question Occurs because some of the user reported it as threat. Find all info about Avast in the Article.  Avast Antivirus very well known name in IT world. The most used and trustworthy product in antivirus programs. This program can protect your Windows or Mac computer systems and Android and iOS mobile from virus attack, malware, spyware and also warns any harmful activity running on your device.

There were many Antivirus programs available in the market but no one can able to beat Avast antivirus because it’s a unique user-friendly interface every user can easily understand it’s functionality and also able to use other features like safe browser, VPN and optimize your device. These features make it unique from other available antivirus programs. A Basic user who runs it in mobile or professional users who uses it in like big server both can able to use it.

This much of popularity and millions of users across the world, user-friendly interface, Free basic version instead of all these benefits some users still blames it suspiciously and reported it harmful to their device. So, the question is now that is Avast safe to use? This makes doubt in regular users who currently using it weather continue to use it or discontinue it.


Is Avast Safe? Is Avast Antivirus or Virus? Free version 2020 Detail Review
Is Avast Safe?

Undoubtedly,  yes it is safe to use you may clear your doubts by installing it’s free edition and confirm all your doubts and how the user experience feel it yourself. The real time threat protection protects your device against virus and malware. It protects against new viruses also by regular virus definitions update release. You can expect basic level of protection which is sufficient for home user but for big companies, business where every data is critical they should go for Avast Premium edition where you could able to protect your system against all kind of threats. In free edition rarely creates some issue but that’s not a big deal but you could assure protection by choosing paid edition.

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Is Avast Safe for Web Browsing? 

Well, we talked about all device protection but what about web browsing so, the question is Avast safe for web browsing? The answer is “Avast secure Browser” Avast’s own browser provides real-time monitoring known for web security and data privacy. Pro version supports other browsers edge and chrome but for that you need allow some permissions to it. In the free version you can’t able to use secure browsing for that you need Avast secure Browser.

System Optimization 

System Optimization is the feature that makes you uncomfortable because in free edition this antivirus slow down your system drastically and suggests for unnecessary Optimization to clear junk files, unused software and many other things but all these you can able to check and remove manually so, Avast free version has some performance issue in computer Optimization.

Is Avast Safe Enough to Protect Privacy and Security? 

Avast is successful product by it’s Privacy and security so, it was considered Safe Antivirus. In past there was an blame on avast for collecting browsing Data but no such proof available for paid edition. In premium edition many security features available like blocks phishing emails, webcam spying and password protection. Well, considering all this information avast proven safe for your privacy and security.

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Is Avast Safe Against online Attack by Hackers?

Avast Free edition don’t have a firewall so, it can’t able to protect against attack by Hackers. So, if there you need protection against these type of online attacks then you must go for avast premium. So, be careful if you using free edition because it can’t able to block fake shopping website and doing online transactions is very risky. But you can use pro version which provides these type of blocking and protects against these type threats. So, in pro and premium edition can able to protect against online attack by hackers.

Avast Free edition and Premium edition Features:

Avast Antivirus has main two version Free Edition and Premium Edition. In free you don’t need to pay to use it but It has it’s own limitation as you find more details in article where as in premium edition you have to pay to use it’s services. So below are the features of both version for you to decide weather you choice free version or paid version according to your needs.

Free Edition Features
  • Find and Delete Virus and other Malware.
  • Protection level: Basic.
  • Able to Scan for Wi-Fi Security Problems.
  • Secure passwords.
  • 24×7 Protection.
Premium Edition Features
  • Finds and Delete all kinds of Viruses and Malware.
  • Protection Level: Advance Level.
  • BLOCK fake sites for safer online shopping.
  • Secure passwords.
  • Check Safety to run suspicious apps.
  • Advance firewall to block hackers.
  • An extra security to prevent ransomware.
  • Blocks webcam spying.
  • Blocks phishing emails.

You may choose wisely according to your needs and as you now knows each differences between both edition.

Is Avast Antivirus or Virus?

Not at all, Avast provides antivirus services and protects against virus and many types of other threats which it proves that it’s not a Virus. But sometime in very rare cases when virus or malware attacks Avast’s core files then it becomes malfunction and Avast turns in to Virus. You may heard about some user reported about viruses according to them avast installs It’s own browser without permission and updates it randomly and device reboot itself automatically and this threat not allow you to uninstall it.


In this article, we tried to explain every aspect of Avast Antivirus like Is Avast safe? Explanation about Safe browsing, System Optimization, safety against Privacy and security, online Hacker’s Attack and Avast virus attack by all this information we conclude that you need the premium version to protect your device and data that you can’t able to get in free version

Here we end our article and hope you will like all the information about question Is Avast Safe? we tried to explain everything about avast you may contact us if anything missing in the article or you have any questions about Avast please comment we love to follow your valuable suggestion.


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