How to Factory Reset Your Phone before selling it: 2022

Factory Reset
Factory Reset

 How to Factory Reset Your Phone before selling it


Whatever the reason you may need to hand over your phone to someone else you must do a factory reset setting.

If you are planning to buy a new phone whether it’s iPhone or Android, you just need to clean or transfer all your valuable data from your old phone before handing it over to someone else. We have explained how to process it, but we advise you to take backup or transfer all your data to any safe location for processing securely.

It is so important to factory reset your iPhone or Android phone because you know your phone contains your text messages, personal images, and most importantly, all your banking details. If all this information reaches in wrong hands, it may be used to access your bank account and you may be in serious trouble so, you must log out and remove your account it’s not enough just to wipe out your phone you must factory reset your device before handover it to an unknown person.

iPhone Factory Reset Process

First of all, you process anything you must backup your iPhone

Then unpair all your connected devices like Apple Watch, Alexa, or anything else.

You will find the Watch app on your iPhone and then click on My Watch and after that click on All Watches, you can able to unpair the Apple watch after checking the info.

In the case, you are switching from iPhone to Android and to avoid any missing messages just go to setting >messages and turn off iMessage, and all you have done now is just remove your SIM card.

Next just Go to the setting click your name then go to iCloud and by scrolling down you will see Find My iPhone. Now on the top left side click on Apple ID to go back and scroll till the end you will find Sign Out just click on it. It will ask password just enter it and Sign Out again.

Now all things are done to procced to Wipe the iPhone Go to Setting> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings. Now it will ask for your confirmation and after that, it will take a few minutes to complete the process.

Android Phone Factory Reset Process

First of all, you need to backup your Android Phone, After that remove MicroSD cards and SIM cards from the phone.

Android phone has an option of (FRP) Factory Reset Protection. What it does is even after wiping all your data, you can recover again by login into your google account So, you need to disable FRP first then Go to Setting> Security> Screen Lock, and set it to None.

Now remove your Google account it will remove all the accounts in one go but a better way is to click on each account one by one and remove it properly.

Wiping out Android phones is not the same for all brands but there was a slight difference in the process depending on which brand phone you using On Samsung Galaxy S21, Go to Setting> General Management> Reset and On Google Pixel, Go to Setting> System> Advanced> Reset just tap on Reset and Delete All.


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