WhatsApp Personalized Stickers: Create Your own Stickers

WhatsApp Personalized stickers
WhatsApp Personalized stickers

Create Your own WhatsApp Personalized Stickers

It sounds great for your own WhatsApp personalized stickers. A very unique way to wish your loved ones, Well, you also have the option of many photo editing apps to create stickers but the ‘Sticker Maker’ app will be the best choice to create WhatsApp Personalized stickers to welcome the new year 2022

WhatsApp Personalized sticker something that very useful to greet people very different but you already have many sticker packs within the app. But if want to create something that looks something different created by yourself which will be very funny and there were many platforms to make it happen but by our research, we suggest ‘Sticker Maker’ app you can just download and Make your own WhatsApp Personalized stickers within just a few minutes. 

Well, alternatively you also have the option to use the ‘Sticker Studio-WhatsApp sticker Maker’ app.

If you don’t want to create WhatsApp personalized stickers, then you can choose it from third-party sticker apps which will be useful to find the new year 2022 Stickers but to create your own follow the below steps and you will get your new unique WhatsApp Personalized Stickers pack to welcome 2022 New year. 


WhatsApp Personalized stickers on Android 2022?

Step 1: First of all, you need to download and install the ‘Sticker Maker’ app from Google Play Store.

Step 2: After installation just opens the app and tap on ‘Create a new sticker pack.’

Step 3: It will be asked to enter the name of the sticker pack that you will be going to create. In name, you can add anything that you wish you can add your name also and can take credit for creating new unique stickers.

Step 4: You can able to add 15 stickers to every pack. To start to test your creativity by creating a personalized WhatsApp sticker you just need to click one of the boxes as shown in the image then after you will need to choose from the drop-down option like Take a photo, Open Gallery, Select file, and many other options also. To choose from your stored photo tap on open gallery or there is an option to click the picture of anything that you want to create a sticker.

Step 5: After selecting an image or clicking any picture to create a sticker. You get an option to cut that picture in any shape or you have also the option of freehand by this you can just select and draw your desired shape.

After all this, you can get the option to add outline and text. That’s all now just you need to save your unique Personalized WhatsApp Sticker created by yourself. 


Step 6: Once you saved stickers in the app but now the question is how to use them in WhatsApp? Well, don’t worry you have an option ‘Add to WhatsApp’.

After clicking it you will get a confirmation message on the screen that a sticker has been added but there is a criterion that you need to create a minimum of three stickers to add your sticker pack to WhatsApp.


Step 7: Once you added in WhatsApp, now you just need to open WhatsApp and click on emoji, and tap on the sticker on the bottom right side. You will find your stickers here just select them and send them.


You have an option to delete a sticker pack created by you on WhatsApp. You will find the “+” icon in the sticker section.

Click on ‘My Stickers’ and find the sticker pack which was created by you and on the top, you will see the dustbin icon. You can just select it and tap on the dustbin icon to delete it. You can add it anytime through the Sticker Maker App.

WhatsApp Personalized stickers on iPhone?

For iPhone also it’s a very simple step to follow to create Personalized WhatsApp stickers. We have researched some available photo editing apps and found Bazaart app best for iPhone

  1. Just Download the Bazaart app on your iPhone.
  2. After installation opens the app you will get two options Start New or Open Photo.
  3. After uploading your image there were app tools to create your sticker. It will help to cut it easily into shapes, able to add dialogue boxes, and much more options available on Bazaart’s app’s tools.
  4. Once you completed editing, just click the Share icon and choose WhatsApp.
  5. Now asks you to add your name in case you want to take credit for the sticker pack. Then, on the next screen click Add to WhatsApp.
  6. This will add your unique sticker to WhatsApp. You will find the sticker icon in the form where you going to type messages. Your stickers will appear here.
  7. You can easily update your sticker pack. You just need to repeat steps 2 to 4 above and you see a new screen asking you whether you want to update or delete your sticker pack. Click Update to add more stickers to your pack.


Bazaart is a free app for iPhone with its most needed feature but for the extra premium feature you need to apply for a free monthly subscription. Currently, it’s totally free but there may be some changes in its future updates but dont worry you will always find a different app like sticker Maker for WhatsApp to create your Personalized WhatsApp stickers easily.


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