How to Delete a Gmail Account Email Automatically?: Simplify Emailing: 2023

Delete a Gmail Account Email Automatically
Delete a Gmail Account Emails Automatically

How to Delete a Gmail Account Email Automatically?


Tied of Deleting emails in Gmail: Check this setting to enable the Autodelete emails option.

Delete a Gmail Account Email Automatically feature is now available in Gmail. We all know the usefulness of this amazing feature because we have used Gmail for the past many years and have lots of emails that we never deleted but all these unwanted emails fill the free storage space of Google.

In this fast-paced digital era, managing our overflowing email inboxes has become a necessary yet time-consuming task. Fortunately, now Gmail offers a powerful solution by allowing users to automate the deletion of their email messages. In this article, we will explore how you can effortlessly delete a Gmail account email automatically, streamlining your inbox management and saving valuable time. Let’s dive right into it!


Understanding Gmail’s Auto-Deletion Feature:

Gmail provides an exclusive feature called “Auto-Delete,” which enables users to automatically remove specific emails from their accounts without manual intervention. This feature is particularly handy when dealing with spam, promotional emails, or other low-priority messages that clutter your inbox unnecessarily.

Configuring Auto-Deletion Rules:

To set up auto-deletion rules in Gmail, you need to create filters. Filters allow you to apply certain actions, such as deleting or archiving, to incoming emails that meet specific criteria. By defining these criteria, you can create rules that automatically delete unwanted emails. This way, you can reclaim your inbox space and maintain a clutter-free environment.

All users get 15 GB of space with their account including Gmail, Google Drive, and Photos.

You may think that you never get any notification about space because these emails did not acquire much space. Still, Google starts sending notifications about deleting emails once you reach this limit. Well, it’s good to delete unwanted emails to save space as once free cloud storage is full you need to purchase it, and it charges 1100 Rs for 100 GB every year.

Well, many of us don’t want to pay this much amount and start deleting emails but it’s a very tirades job to delete all unwanted emails that you never deleted before don’t worry Gmail has a solution for your problem which will delete a Gmail Account Emails Automatically.

This feature will delete not only Emails but all your unwanted Photos and videos. Gmail has this option setting within itself but for this, you need to set filters for this Gmail Auto-deletion feature which will always keep your Gmail inbox Clean.

Step-by-Step Guide to Delete a Gmail Account Email Automatically:

  • Open your Gmail Account on your system.
  • Now in the search bar, you will find the Filter icon but if you do not find it then go to the Settings> “Filter and blocked addresses” tab and click on the “Create New Filter” button.

Delete a Gmail Account emails


Delete a Gmail Account emails

Delete a Gmail Account Emails

Delete a Gmail Account Emails

  • Here you will see the “From” where you need to write the name or email address of unwanted emails you don’t want to see in your inbox like LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Zomato, Food Panda, etc.

Delete a Gmail Account Emails


  • When you enter all the names just click on Create Filter and select “Delete It” Now these emails will automatically be deleted from your Inbox.

Delete a Gmail Account Emails


Delete a Gmail Account Emails


Note: This Feature setting is only applicable for future emails. It will not delete any of your old emails but don’t worry check below for how to delete old emails.


Additional Tips for Effective Inbox Management:

  • Regularly review your auto-deletion rules to ensure they align with your preferences and needs.
  • Prioritize personal emails and essential communication by setting up separate filters that label them as important or send them directly to the inbox.
  • Take advantage of Gmail’s other features, such as unsubscribe options and blocking senders, to further streamline your inbox and reduce unwanted emails.


By harnessing Gmail’s powerful auto-deletion feature, you can significantly simplify the task of managing your email inbox. By creating customized filters, you can automatically eliminate clutter, enhance productivity, and focus on what truly matters. So, go ahead and unleash the potential of Gmail’s auto-deletion, and say goodbye to email overload once and for all!



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