July 14, 2024
Disney Hotstar

Free Disney Hotstar App VIP Subscription 2022

Disney Hotstar App 

Free VIP Subscription

Disney Hotstar App A very Famous Application Hotstar the updated version is now known as Disney + Hotstar. We all know how reliance Jio captured the mobile network market and it the results that most of the customers are using Reliance Jio. To keep customers on its network it offers regularly to its customers. Right now Jio offers a one-year free subscription. 

Disney Hotstar App 1 year free VIP subscription for Jio Subscribers.

The Biggest player in the mobile network industry Jio currently stands number one telecom operator and By announcing to its subscribers that they will get one year of Free VIP Subscription. It will attract more customers to its network.

Jio offered this type of free subscription for Hotstar in the past. Currently, you need to pay 399 per year for Hotstar subscription users can be able to watch all Disney + Hotstar App Content like Disney shows, Movies, Live Sports, Hotstar specials, and other things also but Disney + Originals is not available.

Reliance Jio announced on Its official website the offer of one year free VIP subscription. But by this, there was no clear information about the offer and not even declared launch date information just you will see the banner “Coming Soon” So, we will let you know once the details were updated on the website.

Disney Hotstar


On the official website of Jio, Reliance Jio has teased the offer of a Disney+ Hotstar App VIP subscription free for one year. However, there is no clarity about the offer, whether it will be limited to the specific plans, users, or what will be the offer.

There are no details provided about the offer, not even the launch date is out. On the teaser banner, it is written: “Coming Soon“. As soon as the offer comes live, we will update you with all the details.

Hotstar VIP is available for your favorite TV shows at 6 am Morning daily and you can also watch the latest Movies, Disney Hotstar, Hotstar exclusive.

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