July 12, 2024
Google search dark mode

Google search dark mode finally available for desktop users: Easy Google setting: 2022

Google search dark mode finally available for desktop users

Google search dark mode launched finally google has introduced now an official dark mode for desktop Users who don’t like to work on bright web pages now this feature make their searching comfortable.

Google Search Dark mode setting:

According to Google’s support page, you can make the change by going to Settings > Search Settings > Appearance. There, you’ll be able to choose light, dark, or device default, which will automatically follow your computer’s mode. If you don’t see the Appearance option, you may have to wait a bit: Google says the setting will be “rolling out over the next few weeks,” as many of its updates do.

Google has been working on dark mode for desktop users since it was in testing in February but now it’s officially launched specially for the users who love dark mode.

some users see another quick toggle sun icon and a few people have the option to enable the change on the mobile web version of Google. Neither change is mentioned in Google’s announcement according to 9to5Google.

Well, Many of you may say that you have already used dark mode before on a desktop but that’s not an inbuilt feature you had this mode due to browser plugins or any other theme option or alternate search engines like DuckDuckGo. Many of the apps on Android and iOS of google have the main google search app also have a dark mode.

But now you don’t need any plugin or any theme support to enable dark mode google makes it now official you can enable it by changing google settings. It’s a good feature when you log in to any new device and you face the same web pages with light like you seeing the sun with open eyes but now all thanks to this dark mode which gives small satisfaction and smoothness to users who loves this dark mode in Google search.



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