How to log out Gmail or Google Account Remotely 2021 [Expert Guide]

Google Account
Google Account

Log out Gmail or Google Account Remotely

Google Account one of the most important thing in today’s digital world and almost all users faced a problem like forget to log out of their Gmail or Google account from other devices which they not using regularly you know how serious is this if someone has your account access without, you’re your permission there and they may behave access of all your documents and data you may think that closing browser and restarting system or phone will log out you from Gmail account but it’s not true

And if you know this, sometimes everyone forgets to log out from their account, but don’t worry below are the steps to follow in this situation to protect My Gmail account.

Follow below steps to remotely log out of your Gmail or Google account:

Step 1: Open your Gmail account on the browser or your mobile and click the Gmail profile icon to the right corner of your mobile screen in Gmail App now click “Manage your Google Account” or you will find the same option in the smartphones setting and need to click on Google.

Step 2: After you click on “Manage your Google Account,” it will open the “Google Account” page. You will find options like Home, Personal info, Security, and more.

Step 3: Go to “Security” by swiping right on the page.

Step 4: By Scrolling down you will find the “Your devices” section and then after click on “Manage Devices.” Here, you will see all the lists of currently signed devices in your Google or Gmail account.

Step 5: You can now figure out which unknown device has access to your account, here you can remotely revoke access by just clicking on the three-dotted icon > Sign out.  It will warn again asks that whether you really want to sign out or not, so any user unknowingly clicks the sign out button,

It will be not immediately signed out it but if you double click on the “Sign out” button, Google may display a warning message saying “But some apps might still have access due to third-party apps access enabled to your Google Account and by enabling this setting third-party app is installed on this device apps might behave access your account.

You may think that when you sign out from your Google account then why these apps got access because when you install apps it will ask for third-party permission and it will be signed in by your google account so when you signed out from Gmail Account it doesn’t mean that you logged out from these apps also so,

it advised that when you change your old phone to new device make sure you signed out from all other apps also. Google Says “When you give a third-party access to your Google Account, they may be able to read, edit, delete, or share sensitive, private info. Before you give a third-party access to your Google Account, you should read the privacy policy and security disclosures for the third-party app or service to learn how they use your data and how they keep it safe.

Google also sends you notifications when you make any changes in the security section. When you are making any changes in “Manage Devices” Google notifies you to check the recent security activity. Just check whether you make any changes or any other trying to access your account, it finds any fishy activity then immediately secure your account by changing your Google account password.


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