July 20, 2024
How to clean junk files on android?

How to clean junk files on Android Phones? Useful Tips: 2024

 How to clean junk files on Android Phones?

Android Phone comes with a default allocated space of 32GB or 64GB and also comes with expandable storage capacity with a Micro SD card but that means that you don’t need to remove junk files from your Android Phone.


How to clean Junk files on Android phones is a very important question for Android phone users because generally newly purchased Android phone works well for four or five months but after that, it becomes sluggish, Bulky with data and apps, and degrades in performance. Mostly storage space becomes full of images and videos and suddenly it shows the message that you running out of storage when you need it like any of you most important moments of your life.

No matter whatever storage phone you own whether it default storage phone or any expandable memory phone with a micro-SD card it becomes slow and bulky by the time you need to clean unnecessary junk files to acquire space on an Android phone


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Below are tips to clean junk files on Android:

Clean the cache from Android Phone:  When you install any app on your Android phone it will save or cache data to provide a better experience of the operating app and cached data works as a buffer it will definitely save time and works fast but it’s not like that without that cached data your app will not work it’s just for your convenience of use to provide better operation of the app and to get instant storage space and speed clearing this unnecessary cache file is your first thing to consider.


You can able to Clear the Cache from the particular app on your Android phone

  • Setting > Applications> Application Manager

You can choose the application from which you want to clear the cache.

You can also able to clear the cache from all the apps in one shot

  • Setting > Storage > Clear Cache

It will clear all the Cache data from all the applications.


Delete Unnecessary email attachments and Downloads: We all use email and receive many attachments and files through it we download them but never think about deleting those files but you can clear this very easily just open the app now go to the download folder where you find all your email downloads just select and hold, then click delete for a particular file or you can remove all the files.


How to Clean Junk Files on Android by Google: Junk files are produced constantly on your Android phone so you need to clear them regularly and you can use Google to clear them. Google will scan your device and show recommended storage files that need to be cleared from the phone. It also provides time-to-time alerts to clean junk files on Android and also about other unnecessary files which help in the prevention of degrading your phone’s performance.


Using Cloud Backup to Acquire Space: You can also use cloud services to store your data in the cloud and free up that space from your Android phone. In Google Drive, you can use up to 15GB of free space. There were some of the other popular cloud storage services also available to use like Dropbox provides a free 2GB storage capacity and another is OneDrive provides 5GB of free storage space.


‘Free Up Space’ button: You can find this button in Settings> Device Maintenance > Storage. In some phones, this Device Maintenance is available as Device Care. You will find here the button “Free Up Space” or “Free up Storage Space” When you click this button it will start the process and show the extra storage space as a result. Now you can remove these files which you have already saved in backup.



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