June 25, 2024
Airtel wifi pack

Airtel WiFi Pack 2020 : Your Own Free Network

How to use Airtel WiFi Pack?

Airtel wifi Pack is trending in telecom industry. Telecom and communication media of India are continuously going to its peak. According to recent updates, India becomes the highest data consumption country in the world. The formation of Reliance jio makes the market more complex and competitive. The government reforms are also involved in the growth of the Telecom industry in India.

Nowadays, there is a war between the price and data. All the customers want to get the maximum data package at a reasonable price. The company that fulfills these requirements can easily become the market king.

Firstly, Reliance jio introduced their wifi portal name Jionet to fulfill the requirements of the market. Afterward, Vodafone and some other companies introduced their unique plans to attract customers. In this matter, Airtel also introduced its Wi-Fi hotspots. Airtel establishes these Wi-fi hotspots in 500+ locations. The place contains colleges, retail shops, parks, malls, and many other places. Airtel targets the metro cities of India to execute their plan of Airtel Wifi zones. So, here we’re going to discuss How to use Airtel wifi pack? We also figured out the FAQs asked recently. So, to know about How to use Airtel wifi pack? just stick to this article.

Points to be cover

  • What is the Airtel wifi pack?
  • Pros of Airtel Wifi pack?
  • Cons of Airtel Wifi pack?
  • How to use the Airtel Wifi pack?
  • Plans of Airtel wifi pack?


What is the Airtel Wifi pack?

Airtel Wi-Fi pack is a prepaid service from Airtel. In this pack, you got internet data through Wi-Fi. The company gives you free Wi-fi services with high-speed internet. This Wi-fi pack is very beneficial for regular internet users. Airtel has settled many Airtel Wi-Fi zones which helps you to access the internet. The Wi-Fi pack was firstly introduced by Reliance Jio.

Vodafone was the second company to introduce its Wi-Fi pack in India. After analyzing the need for a Wi-Fi pack in the market Airtel introduced its Wi-fi packs. Airtel is a well-known company for providing good quality data and a great network to its customers.

Well, the presence of a Wi-fi pack of Airtel makes the company a big reboot in its income. In this Wi-Fi pack, the company gives you limited data at a great speed. The quantity of data and speed of the internet depend upon the plan you buy.

Pros of Airtel Wi-Fi pack?

Great internet speed

As we all know, Airtel is one of the best and fastest-growing networks for good quality internet services to its customers. The towers of Airtel are also available in rural areas. To take the Wi-Fi pack of Airtel you got one of the best internet services at your home.

Airtel zones auto connection

We discussed above that Airtel established many Airtel Wifi Zones in many cities of India. If you have a prepaid pack of Airtel Wi-fi then you get free Wi-fi services in the Airtel Wi-Fi zones.

Wide range of plans

Airtel Wifi pack contains many exclusive plans. These plans are very reliable and pocket friendly. The plans of Airtel wifi contain the speed from 100mbps to 300mbps.

So, these are the Pros of Airtel Wifi pack now let’s discuss some cons/Demerits of this pack.

Cons of Airtel Wi-Fi pack?

Lack of proper details of plans

Airtel doesn’t clarify the proper conditions or the benefits of plans on their website. The lack of proper information confuses customers. Many customers complained that they didn’t get proper information about the conditions and benefits of their plans.

Installation charges

Airtel doesn’t define the price of Installation charges on its website. When you buy an Airtel Wi-Fi plan then you have to pay installation charges to the company. Well, installation charges are taken by many other companies but airtel doesn’t show the price of installation on their website.

So, these are the cons/ demerits of the Airtel Wi-Fi pack. Now, let’s discuss how to use the Airtel Wi-Fi pack?

How to use Airtel Wi-Fi pack?

You can use the Airtel Wi-Fi pack in 2 ways. Here, we’re going to discuss all the 2 ways to use the Airtel Wi-fi pack?

How to use Airtel Wi-Fi pack in My Airtel app? 

  • Install My Airtel App.
  • Open My Airtel App and Sign-in with the help of your mobile number.
    Find the ‘Airtel Wi-Fi’ Title.
  • Go to the Airtel Wi-Fi setting and click to connect.
  • The company ask you some permissions Accept the permissions and click to connect.

After completing the process you’re permitted to use free Wi-Fi services which you get from the Airtel Wifi pack. You can also use the Airtel Wi-fi pack in Airtel Wifi zones. So, let’s discuss how to use Airtel Wi-Fi pack in the Airtel Wi-fi zones.

How to use Airtel Wi-fi pack in Airtel Wi-fi zones?

After coming in the Airtel Wi-fi zone open your setting and click to Wi-fi.
Go to Wi-fi settings and Connect to the Airtel Wi-fi.
After connecting with the Airtel Wi-fi, a sign-up page will be open on your screen.
Enter your phone number and request for OTP. Once you get the OTP click to sign in.

After completing the process you can get access to Airtel Wi-fi. You can enjoy free Wi-fi services allowed to your Airtel Wi-fi pack.

What to do If we’re not getting connected in Airtel Wifi Zones?

If your phone is not connected in the Airtel Wi-fi zone then please check the points listed below.

Place your SIM in Slot 1 because you can only use the Airtel Wi-fi pack when your Airtel SIM is placed in Slot 1.
Ensure that you’re in the Airtel Wi-fi zone or not.

Don’t forget to check your quota or we can say recharge plan while connecting the Airtel Wi-Fi pack.

Plans of Airtel Wi-fi Pack?

Airtel Wi-fi plans are the best way for your devices to stay connected with the world all the time. Airtel provides you with a Free Wifi router with any plan of an Airtel Wi-fi pack. Airtel provides many plans to access the Airtel Wi-fi pack. The most popular plans from airtel are listed below.

Basic plan

  • Plan type:- This is a basic plan which does not contain any specific reference.
  • Internet Speed:- This plan contains internet speed up to 100mbps.
  • Special Access:- You can get special access to AirtelXtream.
  • Data Limits:- The data limit is approx 150GB.
  • Benefits:- Users get a free router with this plan.
  • Price:- To avail of this plan you have to pay 799rs.

Entertainment plan

  • Plan Type:- This plan is an entertainment plan.
  • Internet speed:- The internet speed of this plan is up to 200mbps.
  • Data Limit:- The data limit of this plan is 300GB.
  • Benefits:- Company provides you a free Wi-fi router with this plan.
  • Special access:- You can use this data in many OTT platforms like AirtelXtream, Amazon prime, and Zee5.
  • Price:- To get this entertainment you’ll have to pay 999rs.

Premium plan

  • Plan type:- This plan is a premium plan which provides you a huge data limit with great speed.
  • Internet speed:- This plan contains the speed Upto 300 Mbps
  • Data Limit:- It contains a huge data limit which is 500GB.
  • Benefits:- This plan comes with a free Wi-fi router.
  • Special Access:- By availing this plan you get the subscription of Netflix, AirtelXtream, Zee5, and some others.
  • Price:- To avail this plan you have to pay 1499rs

VIP Plan

  • Plan type:- this plan is a VIP plan which contains super extra benefits and services with it. This plan is the most expensive plan for the Airtel Wi-fi pack.
  • Data Limit:- There is no limit of data in this plan. You can use Unlimited data for the validated period.
  • Internet Speed:- This plan contains the highest speed of Airtel Wi-fi plan which is up to 1 Gbps.
  • Benefits:- This plan also comes with a free router.
  • Special Access:- You get the subscription of many OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, AirtelXtream, and some others.
  • Price:- The price of this plan is 3999rs.

Visit Airtel website for more Details:

All these plans are containing the unlimited Local and STD calls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I use the Airtel Wi-fi pack everywhere?

No, you can only use the Airtel Wi-fi pack in Airtel Wi-fi zones only. The connection of the Airtel Wi-Fi plan is only in the room where the router is placed. If you’re in the Airtel Wi-fi zone and you have an Airtel Wi-fi plan then you can use the Wi-fi services in the Airtel Wi-fi zone.

Q. How much data can I use in Airtel Wi-fi Zones?

The availability of data in Airtel Wi-fi zones depends upon the plan you buy. Let’s discuss how much data you can use in Airtel Wi-fi Zones according to plans.

Basic plan

If you have a basic plan of an Airtel Wi-fi pack then you can easily access 5GB data on Airtel Wi-fi zones. These zones can be collage, Mall, Cyber Cafe, and any others.

If you have a moderate plan then you can easily use up to 10GB data in Airtel Wi-fi zones.                                                                                If you have Premium plan/VIP plans then you can use up to 20 GB data on Airtel Wi-fi zone spots.

Q. Can I connect the Airtel Wi-fi pack in Airtel Wi-Fi zones all over in India?

No, The availability of the Airtel Wi-fi zones is only in Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, etc. So, if you’re living in any metro city then visit the Airtel Wi-fi
Zones like Metro station and follow the steps which are discussed above in the article. After completing the steps you can use the Airtel Wi-Fi pack in Airtel Wi-Fi zones.

Q. How I can get free data from Airtel?

Airtel provides you a free data of 10 GB after downloading the Airtel TV app. To avail of this service, you have to download the Airtel TV app on your device.
After login, you can use this data. You can use this 10 GB data only in Airtel Wi-fi zones. So, if you’re living in metro cities then find an Airtel Wi-fi zone. After finding the zone follow the steps listed above to connect with Airtel Wi-fi.

You can also send some complaints to the customer care of Airtel. This will give you some free data from Airtel. Airtel provides free data to their customers as an apology for their mistake.

Q. My Airtel App and option ‘Wi-Fi Pack’ is showing. what is this?

This option provides you the service of availing the internet from Airtel Wi-fi Zones. You must have an Airtel Wi-Fi pack to avail of this facility. You just have to click on the option of ‘Wi-Fi Pack’ and after following the steps which are mentioned above you can easily connect to Airtel Wi-Fi in Airtel Wi-Fi zones.

Q. How to use Airtel Wi-fi pack?

Follow all the steps which are mentioned above and you can easily get the answer of How to use Airtel Wi-fi pack?

Q. I have a postpaid plan. Can I get these services?

No, The services of Airtel Wi-fi pack are currently available only for prepaid customers. Don’t worry, the company promised to launch this service for postpaid customers soon.

Q. Can l use free data on Airtel after finishing my quota of Airtel packs in Airtel Wi-fi zones?

No, If you finished your quota of using the free service of Airtel Wi-fi in the Airtel Wi-fi zone then you can not use more data in Airtel Wi-fi zones. The quota of data is provided to you according to your plan. The quota of data according to the plan is mentioned above in the article.


So, here we get all the information about the Airtel Wi-fi pack. I’m sure that your doubts regarding the Airtel Wi-fi pack are cleared. Thousands of people loved this service of Airtel.

The service of Airtel Wi-Fi zones is available in hospitals, Corporate parks, retail shops, and many other places.
Make sure that you have an active 3G/4G connection.


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