April 9, 2024
American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA Funds)

American Rescue Plan Stimulus Checks 2024: ARPA Funds: Everything that benefits you.

American Rescue Plan Stimulus Checks 2024: ARPA Funds

As you read the title you have an idea that we are going discuss everything about the (ARPA Funds)  American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, President Joe Biden signed the 1.9 trillion law on 11th March 2021.

ARPA Funds is a great initiative because this act is all about helping the United States to recover from the impact caused by COVID-19 and the reason behind this create a support system which directly benefits the American people to survive in a pandemic. 

Talking about how this support system worked and helped people. It has boosted vaccination, and given support to those who depended only on their job and due to COVID-19 lost their job and not only It also helped businesses and the government to survive in this situation.

Aim to introduce American Rescue plan stimulus check 2024 (ARPA Funds)

In the pandemic situation where no one was able to help each other Government came up with this American rescue plan to help people financially to protect people who lost their jobs and struggled to survive.

This money awakens the faith in the government which helps a lot of people to survive and spend some money and indirectly it helps to boost the economy also to battle this pandemic.

American Rescue plan payment eligibility criteria (ARPA Funds)

As signed on 11th March 2021 eligibility criteria to receive stimulus checks from American Rescue Plan to help affected people in a pandemic. It depends on how much money they earned and other family members who were dependent on them and taxes filed by them to decide how much and who got payments. If you are confused then please check the below table in which we explained.


Income Limit
Filing Status Full Payment AGI limit Start Phase-out AGI End Phase-out AGI
Single Filers Up to $75,000 $75,001 $80,000
Married Filing (couple) Up to $150,000 $150,001 $160,000
Head of House Up to $112,500 $112,501 $120,000


No age criteria for dependents, Under this American rescue plan all dependents receive money whether they are students, disabled adults or elder people. Each will get 1400$ and payment will be credited to the taxpayer but that dependent must be listed on their tax return.

Eligible of Amount 

  1. Single tax filers 1400$
  2. Married couple filling their tax together 2800$
  3. Head of the House tax filer 1400$
  4. Each dependent (No age criteria) 1400$

How to Apply American Rescue Plan Stimulus Checks? ARPA Funds?

As per the American Rescue Plan, eligible people do not need to apply for stimulus checks as the IRS will check tax returns filed in the year 2019 or 2020 to get the list of eligible people and how much money they will get and if some people didn’t file tax due to less earning for them another way to get this benefit.

How IRS check the eligibility?

IRC check filed tax returns for the year 2019 or 2020 to find out people who got stimulus money. The other thing they check is how much money they made how much they filed for tax returns and whether they had dependents but what about who earns less and didn’t file taxes according to the IRS these people need to fill out simple tax forms or need to a use special tool called Non-filers tool in this they need to provide basic information like Name, address, social security number. 

How to update Information on the IRS?

If someone wants to change their information like bank details and address, payment info you need to sign up as a Non-filer. The IRS have all this information like How to update bank details on IRS? or How to update the address on the IRS?

How to check the payment status on the IRS?

People can check their online account for how much money they get as an economic impact payment from the IRS website. IRS assured that your online account is safe along with your economic impact payment.

Steps to check 

  1. Go to the IRS website: Search IRS official website
  2. Login or Register: If you have already login before then no need to register just enter your user ID and password but if not then you need to register for it.
  3. Economic Impact payment: Once you log in go to the “Tax Records” section to check how much stimulus money you have received.

You can also view other tax-related information on the IRS website like your Payment history, tax transcript, letter or notice from the IRS.


We have given all the information regarding American Rescue Plan stimulus checks and according to us, it was a great initiative by the government to help people financially in the pandemic situation and all other information like eligibility criteria, income tax filing status, dependents and how much money people will receive you can check article to help yourself and guide others also.


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