April 9, 2024
Pokemon Go Cresselia the dreamy and shining creature: Guide to Capture it

Pokemon Go Cresselia the dreamy and shining creature: Guide to Capture it: 2024

Pokemon Go Cresselia with mystic Power

Welcome to the world of Pokemon Go! Are you ready for celestial adventure? And if yes then this article is all yours. Now let’s discuss the mystical and unseen realm of Cresselia, the lunar Pokemon.

Here you find complete guidance on how to capture this elegant creature and explore all the possibilities to get in touch with an evasive shiny variant of it. All you need to just be ready with your Poke balls to enter its mysterious world.

How to find Cresselia? 

The Mysterious power and graceful appearance you can feel in this legendary cresselia In Pokémon GO often appears in raids as a Tier 5 raid boss.

So, a hint is to get the raid schedule in your area or you can use remote raid passes to join raids remotely from anywhere in the world. One more possibility to encounter Cresselia during special events or as part of themed raid rotations.

Preparing for Battle:assemble

Be prepared before facing off against Cresselia, it’s essential to a formidable team of Pokémon. Due to psychic typing Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type Pokemon are very effective against it. Tyranitar, Chandelure, and Scizor also come in as some of the top contenders.

Make sure you have powered up your Pokemon with stock up on healing items and you can also increase your chances of success by coordinating with fellow trainers.

Shining Bright: Cresselia’s Shiny Form 

Now, let’s discuss the sparkling allure of Shiny Cresselia. Shiny Pokémon the rare variants come with different coloration, not like their regular counterparts, It makes them highly searchable by collectors and trainers alike. While Shiny Cresselia is surely available in Pokémon GO, it requires luck and persistence to get it.

Be careful when you start battling with it in raids, chances that the Pokemon you encounter will be shiny. Yes, but the possibility of finding shiny Pokemon is indeed very low, the difficulty level of it is 1 in 20 to 1 in 500, and it depends on the event and method of encounter. So, don’t disappoint if you don’t find shiny cresselia on the first attempt you need patience to get it.

The Moment of Truth 

When you are ready with your assembled raid team battling Cresselia and waiting for that elusive sparkle and here the moment of truth arrives when you see the capture screen. You must keep a close look at the coloration of Cresselia. if it appears differently than the usual blue and yellow hues, congratulations! You’ve encountered a Shiny Cresselia!


Capturing Cresselia in Pokémon GO is a thrilling adventure filled with mystery, teamwork, and the potential for shiny encounters. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or a newcomer to the world of Pokémon, chasing after this legendary Lunar Pokémon is an experience like no other. So, gather your friends, sharpen your skills, and embark on the journey to capture the dreamy Cresselia—and who knows, you might just encounter its dazzling Shiny form along the way!

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