July 11, 2024
WhatsApp Update 2020

WhatsApp Update 2020: The most awaited feature about to be Launch

WhatsApp Update 2020: The most awaited feature is about to be Launched

WhatsApp the biggest messenger application will launch the most awaited desired feature by millions of its users. Well talking about this feature is that it supports multiple devices concurrently with just a single account.

WhatsApp update 2020 Development stage

The development of this new feature already reached the final stage, As per WABetainfo. The Whatsapp team planned to launch an open beta test for this feature after final development. To test this feature you need a beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. According to sources currently, this feature work on four devices at the same time for a single WhatsApp account.


The available version of WhatsApp allows only one device to connect to a single account and if you use WhatsApp web the desktop version will work by connecting with the operating application on a smartphone by scanning a QR code.

Whatsapp messenger application was launched in 2009 and since the time of launch, WhatsApp users expecting this feature for multiple device support. Even synchronization of devices will not work for Whatsapp.

Whatsapp updates 2020 new features launched with new security website and fixed some problems.

Whatsapp recently revealed problems that they face in the past but they already fixed them. The report of these problems on security advisory websites through the post. As result, they fixed all these and provided a complete list of security updates.

WhatsApp update 2020 Bug fixes

Whatsapp confirms that they fixed some bugs in just one day the other hand some bugs took a couple of days longer to fix and some bugs required remote access to your data, they also said that they didn’t find any proof that hackers can damage through these bugs.

One of the bugs was found by using the company’s Bugs Bounty Program and some other bugs were discovered during routine code checking and automated system checkups.

With more than two billion users across the world, Whatsapp becomes the most popular messaging application in the world. With this much popularity and number of users, it is always targeted by hackers, they are always in search of bugs from which they can able to hack this platform

‌The new security website shows the efforts to be transparent about bugs they have in their platform. The company researched and conclude that their application community wants one single place where they can able to track all the bugs, as WhatsApp is not able to provide details of security devices in their released notes for every new updated version of the app, now we feel they have it now.

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