May 23, 2024
Google Play Music Begins Shutting Down for Users, YouTube Music Gets New Features

Google Play Music Begins Shutting Down for Users, YouTube Music Gets New Features

Google Play Music no longer Available: YouTube Music introduced New Features

If you are a user of Google Play Music then let you know it’s no longer available but you can able to download or transfer your music libraries.

Points to be Read:
  • Google Play Music started its closing for users
  • Users can able to download or transfer their data through the site and app
  • YouTube Music introducing new features for Android Auto


It’s shocking news for Google play music users that its music streaming service site and in some cases, the android app also shutting down, it shows a message that “Google Play Music is no longer available” but it allows users to download or delete their data and you also have the option to transfer it to YouTube Music. Still, its app working for some users who already have installed it on their phones but it will also shut down. During this YouTube Music introduced new updates like increasing some functionalities for free users.

The website of Google Play Music shutting down and is no longer available to use as the website shows this message clearly but it provides users options from their account. Well while being a user of it over the period you had saved libraries, a playlist of your choice, and uploads. You can find the button ‘Transfer to YouTube Music’ exactly in the center of the page. All you need to just click this button and it will automatically open the page where all this transfer process started but you need to link your account first.

If you don’t want it to transfer then you have the option to download it or permanently delete it.

You have options to choose from like

  • Export Music library
  • Delete recommendations history
  • Delete Music library

Somehow you have not done any of the above actions as per google your music and saved data are automatically deleted when the shutdown of Google Play Music is complete.

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