May 23, 2024

Facebook Podcast the New Audio Feature like in Twitter, Clubhouse: 2022

Facebook Podcast the New Audio Feature 

Facebook will be going to introducing a podcasting feature in its main app for users to download and listen to it, which will make the company compatible with existing companies like Apple Inc.

Facebook is currently working on the development of audio products to make them compatible with other apps like Twitter and clubhouse currently trending apps.

According to Fidji Simo, head of the Menlo Park, California-based company’s main service the social network on Monday is building a series of new audio-focused products, including virtual rooms where users can host live discussions and a feature called “soundbites” that lets users post short audio snippets to their feed like they would a photo or video.

Facebook will create a podcasting feature where users can download and listen to podcasts directly from the main app, which gives the company a chance to compete with existing players like Apple Inc. Recode reported earlier on Facebook’s plans. “We have seen a massive rise of audio experiences” during the pandemic, Simo said, including an increase in voice calls and audio messages on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, which spurred the company to build the new products. Audio has become an important format with many people stuck at home due to the pandemic.


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