June 25, 2024
Netflix Games Launched for Android

Netflix Games now launched on Android and iOS: Guide to play and install: 2022

Netflix Games now launched on Android and iOS

Netflix Games for mobile is Currently only Available for their paid subscribers.


Netflix Games for mobile has been now available for Android and iOS for their paid subscribers. This Biggest video streaming now started its journey to mobile gaming and added a couple of games on its platform and working to add more games on its platform for its paid members.

Now you will find a new gaming tab on Netflix through that you can access Netflix games and you need to select the game that you want to play.


Which games are available on Netflix?

Currently on starting Netflix has not added many games but you can find a few games below:

  • Stranger Things: 1984 from BonusXP
  • Teeter Up by Frosty Pop
  • Shooting Hoops by Frosty Pop
  • A puzzle card game called Card Blast from Amuzo and Rogue Games

What are the requirements to play Netflix games?

All the games available on Netflix are free you need not pay anything but it’s only free for those who have paid a subscription which will cost you from Rs 199 to Rs 799 (For Phone or Tablet only) you can choose it according to your requirements. All games mentioned above are available for download through Google Play Store or Apple App store for the paid subscriber.

If you are a paid subscriber, you can download any one of the games mentioned above through the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

Now when you downloaded and installed the game you need your Netflix ID and password to log in but if you already have signed in Netflix app on your smartphone it will not ask for any user id it will automatically access it and load your game.

Games Tab is available on the Netflix app and android users can access games directly through this tab. But you need to download it through the Play store.


How is your game progress saved on Netflix?

Any time you want to sign out from your Netflix account you can do that by just clicking the Profile icon located on the start screen. The best thing about these games you can save your game progress in your linked Netflix account related to that profile and you can also able to switch profiles while you need to play any particular title and you don’t need to think about saving your progress because it will be saved to a linked profile.

Netflix games started due to entertainment, increasing gaming popularity, and retaining their subscribers. Currently, all the games are free without any ads and any in-app purchases.


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