May 20, 2024
Short video app '60 Seconds 'TikTok Alternative' launched

Short video app ’60 Seconds? ‘TikTok Alternative’ launched

’60 seconds?’ Short video app launched

60 seconds?‘ app has made the announcement of its launching in India because of it’s short video length it comes in micro-video platform. This app is totally infotainment platform from this app that allows users to search, record and can able to share one-minute short-format videos.

60 seconds?‘ app team launched a talent hunt in India to search India’s most talented short video creators. Talent hunt divided into five categories has been launched comedy, fashion, dance, singing and business.


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The maker of the app claims and assure about data privacy is the high priority as all the data stored in servers of India and US. The app also claims about that they allows full control and ownership to the creator for their videos and they also able to download it anytime.

At launching kiruba shankar co-founder and president of ‘60 seconds?’ app said “Video-based content is becoming most preferred viewing format in India, and with the imminent arrival of 5G and massive bandwidth, 60 seconds app is well-placed to cater to this bloom. We see an increasing trend among people who prefer recommended content over searching content on their own. So, we come up with an artificial intelligence-powered personalized mechanism that show the high-interest video that are engaging for the viewers.

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