April 16, 2024

What is metaverse? The Future of the internet according to Facebook: 2022


“Metaverse” Future of the internet according to Facebook


Metaverse is considered the next big change towards the evolution of the internet and it is also for creating new infrastructure and real-time 3D worlds. Facebook invested $50 million to develop it in September.

Facebook playing a big gamble to create a ‘metaverse’. A shared virtual space where people exist and communicate in this continuously growing online world. The announcement made on Sunday by Facebook that they plan to create a virtual world will hire 10,000 in the European Union for the next five years. It includes augmented reality and virtual reality.

Facebook committed $50 million to develop it in September and some companies have an early foothold like Roblox Corp and Epic Games the very famous “Fortnite” maker.


What is metaverse?


A very famous novel “Snow Crash” was written by Neal Stephenson in 1992 and it’s believed that the metaverse term derived from it because in this novel he elaborated virtual world where people interact with each other using their avatars.

It’s being assumed as the next big change towards the evolution of the internet and it is also for creating new infrastructure and real-time 3D worlds. So, instead of normal lunch or dinner will people go for a cyber lunch or dinner? Well, Facebook already started working on it to make it in reality.


Facebook Portal Go & Facebook Portal Plus Launched: 2021


Is it a new concept?

This concept is not new for game lovers because games like Fortnite and Ready Player are already introduced this concept by taking their players inside the virtual world.

We have already seen such a type of technology used in movies and Facebook imagined it like meetings can be held using VR headsets where everything will be set up according to you like you can choose your avatar background setting. What a tremendous experience will it be, isn’t it?


The Real Alternate world

Metaverse can be broken down into two parts. One of them will be dealing with building blockchain-based, using NFTs and cryptocurrencies and Decentral and Sandbox are some of the examples by which people can able to purchase virtual parcels of land and build their environments. Another one is a simple virtual world where people can meet and greet each other and Facebook is currently working to create this version.



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