April 12, 2024
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Customize your Favorite Social media icons with Christmas Hat, Star, Santa clause Etc: 2022

Customize your Social media icons to make the festival memorable.


Social Media icons are the gateway for your favorite social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc and all these platforms are the most used social media platforms. People love to use it but for many years using the same icons to access felt boring for some users don’t worry we are here for the solution to that problem.

You might receive many customizations for various features within the app as per your choice but you might not hear about customization of social icons. Well, here we are going to explain how to customize your social media app icons only for Android smartphones.

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Currently, in December month people are in waiting for the Christmas festival and they love to use Christmas-themed icons and Nova Launcher application will help to change your social media icons like if you want to add a Christmas hat, star, or Santa clause with your favorite social platforms icon just follow below simple steps.

Steps to Customize Social media icons:

  1. First search your favorite social media platform icon with customization with Hat, star, or Santa and save it in PNG format.
  2. Now open the Google play store and download and install Nova Launcher.
  3. Open it and accept the terms of the app.
  4. Now search social media apps just tap on them for a few seconds.
  5. Open the menu and select edit.
  6. Now open the gallery and select your customized image which you have saved previously in PNG format and click on save.


Note that the above steps to change Social media icons only works for Android smartphones and you can find your favorite customized icon on the internet easily and make your social media experience fun and memorable.


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