July 20, 2024
Instagram Reels feature launch same as Tiktok

Instagram Reels feature launch same as Tiktok

After Tiktok’s ban in India, a week later, Instagram has also launched a short video feature similar to Tiktok, which is named Reels. This may be a matter of great pleasure for all Tiktokers, that they will now get a new platform for video making. This feature currently in testing mode. Soon all these users will get “Reels” feature in instagram.


How to watch instagram reels?

To use this feature you will need to update your Instagram application. After that you will get to see this feature. To use this feature, you have to go to the camera option of Instagram where you will get to see the reels feature, which will be next to this story and live button.

Just like Tiktok, you will get all the features here like recording, switch camera, flash, gallery, and many more. In this feature you can able to make 15-second video in which you can make music like Tiktok, video speed , Effect, can be used.

The difference between Reels and TikTok is that in Reels you can only make videos of up to 15 seconds, but in TikTok you can make short videos and upload them.



Reels feature currently under development and we can expect that most of the tools develop similar like TikTok and they will also think about increasing video making time. So, wait for it and currently enjoy what limited tools available in this feature.

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