June 25, 2024
WhatsApp memory storage

How to solve WhatsApp storage full problem in mobile | WhatsApp Storage Problem Now Solve Within App 2024

WhatsApp storage problem is increasing day by day due to its popularity. Millions of chat messages, images, videos, and GIFs are exchanged daily and it’s increasing continuously.

So, It’s an obvious reason for increasing memory load on the storage
through images and videos shared by friends and your family members or some other important business WhatsApp groups over the period but now WhatsApp makes it easier for you to manage and clear WhatsApp storage within the App

Currently, the user already has basic functionality to clear storage media, but now it makes it much easier for the user by introducing full data management it works like any best storage software you use.

WhatsApp storage setting:-

You will find this option in the below path:

WhatsApp > Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage

The whole new interface is surprising and every item was categorized also you have the option to choose them according to their sizes. You can confirm to delete any item by previewing it before deleting it. There was an option of selecting multiple items for deletion and keeping your important items saved.

This new feature divides media into two categories files which were more than 5MB in size and files that were “forwarded many times” Not only this it will also notify you when your phone is out of memory and getting slow it will prompt you to delete some files to release memory space.

WhatsApp users will love this feature as most of the user-facing WhatsApp memory storage problems and those who had no idea about how to short out this need the help of a mobile centre or their parents now it’s the easiest option to get rid of this problem within an Application.

I, for one, appreciate the feature. Though I’m fairly diligent about clearing storage on my phone in the first place, I’ve had to help my parents do so lord knows how many times because of all the WhatsApp messages they send; it’s nice to have the feature built right into the app.

This new feature will be released globally this week for WhatsApp users and you will feel like a software professional by solving this problem.

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