April 16, 2024
Facebook Launches a TikTok Like App BARS

Facebook Launches a TikTok Like App BARS: 2022


Facebook BARS the new TikTok-like App: Dream for Aspiring Rappers.

Facebook the leading social media app now Launched an experimental short-video Making App like TikTok called BARS with Pre-recorded beats for Aspiring Rappers.

This new App focuses to help rappers to create their raps with built-in tools and also be able to share them with their loved ones. By using this app users who do not have any experience creating rap they can also able to create their rap.

The BARS App is specially developed to create short videos like TikTok in rapping style.

The New Product Experimentation (NPE) R&D team of Facebook has been developed and tested in the beta version.

You can able to transform your normal words into professional raps with the help of pre-recorded beats and it also uses rhymes to create its inflow.

Not only this, the app has a new Challenge mode in which users will get to freestyle along with auto-suggested word cues.

The app comes with Many Audio and visual filters which also provide users to improve further their RAP content.

Pre-Made tools like Clean, AutoTune, Imaginary Friends and AM Radio change their vocal output in the video which helps users to easily create professional like RAP.

Once the user created a RAP video can able save that and also able to share it with Others. You can export your rap video and can able to save it to your camera Roll once you complete all your editing. You can also share your content with other social media platforms. 

BARS is the second music app in the music space by NPE Team, Collab was the first one last year.

Collabs bring creators and Fans together to create, watch, mix and match original videos, beginning with music.

Facebook said that through this app anyone can able to create great videos whether you have don’t have any kind of knowledge about it or you have been doing it for years.

Currently BARS App is available for download only for selected users on Apple’s App Store for iOS users.

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