June 22, 2024

The Most Awaited Feature : Mute Whatsapp Chat Forever Launched

Mute WhatsApp Chat Forever Feature Launched

Yes! You heard right you can mute unwanted WhatsApp group chats forever before this you have only three options a few hours, weeks, or a year.

The Most Awaited feature which people believe should introduce at the beginning of WhatsApp. WhatsApp announced on Twitter about introducing this new feature that this feature will work on both android and iOS and also confirm forever mute option also works on the WhatsApp web version and this option available for all users across the world.

We all face the problem that we all have some unwanted WhatsApp groups and we don’t want to see that groups chat notification Until now we had the option to mute those chat groups are like

  • Few Hours
  • 1 Week
  •  Year                                                       

Now you had the option to mute Whatsapp Groups

  • Forever (always)
Mute Whatsapp Chat Forever
Mute Whatsapp Chat Forever


whatsapp features 2020
WhatsApp features 2020

This will mute the group forever until you unmute notifications. This features something that most of the users awaited very much and now they feel big satisfaction. This new feature will be rolled out through the OTA update.

Android users can able to update WhatsApp for this feature on the Google play store and iPhone users need to go to the App Store. To update Whatsapp make sure you are connected proper internet network for updating it without any interruption.

Now after proper updating, you will see the option mute Forever(always) in the mute menu in settings. All you need to just choose this option for a particular WhatsApp group chat that you want to mute forever. This will stop all the notifications from that muted WhatsApp chat group.

This feature is very useful for those users who need to be in many chat grobups but they don’t want disturbing notifications from that group annoying that user the whole day and night. but now users can able to mute it forever they can see that groups chat whenever they want by choosing the mute forever option

Nearby future it is expected that WhatsApp will introduce voice and video calling features to its WhatsApp web version. Well by introducing this feature WhatsApp will come into a competition like other video calling platforms zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, etc.

Undoubtedly WhatsApp has millions of user and now in the current pandemic time, everyone needs this type of video calling feature and also need privacy from particular groups WhatsApp working on the problems that user currently facing and needed some better feature so, Many more to come like Mute forever option you will see in nearby future in WhatsApp.

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