July 20, 2024
How to spy on someone WhatsApp

How to SPY on Someone WhatsApp?: Helpful trick: 2022

How to SPY on Someone WhatsApp Without OTP?


How to SPY on someone WhatsApp? How do read others’ WhatsApp messages and to whom they are sending messages? many questions come to mind to track others’ WhatsApp messages without any OTP and currently this thing trending in searching.

People don’t know about these types of secret tricks and they search on google but they don’t know the proper way and apps and they try some harmful Apps and processes which puts them in trouble but don’t worry we are going to explain about an easy trick from that you can able to read anyone WhatsApp messages without any OTP but we advise you don’t use this trick for any wrong intension.

You can use it to track your children’s online activity or for any other family member through your mobile but if you try it for someone other than your family member illegally then it will put you in trouble.

You can able to track other person’s WhatsApp to whom they messaging or what text they sharing with their contacts. All these you can able to track after the following process. Now let’s check the process of how to spy on someone WhatsApp?

How to Spy on someone WhatsApp process:

After following this simple process you can easily able to read others’ WhatsApp messages on your mobile secretly and another person will not know that they are tracked by you.

First of all, you need that person’s mobile phone for some time and make sure both mobile your and other persons both need a proper internet connection.


If you can get these two things that person’s mobile and proper internet then you can configure it to read WhatsApp messages of that person on your mobile.

You can able to read WhatsApp Chats and send messages also but you can’t able to see images and videos.



Now let’s start by keeping your mobile and the target mobile with internet connection enabled on both of them and now you need to install the application from the Google play store.

These two apps are available on the play store and you can use any of them and after that able to read other’s WhatsApp messages on your Mobile phone.

You can find many related apps if you search them by name and it may be harmful so here we showed the image and link for the exact application.

How to spy on someone WhatsApp


How to spy on someone WhatsApp through Whatscan for WhatsApp Web App?

First of all, install this app from the play store and now open the application. Now it will ask for some permission you need to allow it.

Once you allow the permission it will show the below screen where you need to choose the very first option “Whats Web”

When you click Whats Web it will open the Barcode and through this barcode, you can see others’ WhatsApp Messages.

How to spy on someone WhatsApp

One more thing you can not only read others’ WhatsApp messages through this App but also you can save WhatsApp Status and also able to download it.

Now take the target person’s mobile and open WhatsApp on it then click the three-dot you will see many options where you need to select “Linked Devices”.

Once you click it you will see the below screen where you need to click “LINK A DEVICE” and it will open the camera of the phone.

Now you need to scan the barcode which you got through the application on your mobile. Once you are successfully able to scan that barcode you can access another person’s WhatsApp in your mobile application Whatscan for WhatsApp Web App.

You can see below the interface on the right side you can see the contact list and left side WhatsApp messages of another person.

How to spy on someone WhatsApp through What’s Web App?

This application is made officially by WhatsApp and you can easily find it on the play store but make it clear here by making this App WhatsApp’s intention was not to read other person’s WhatsApp messages but for someone who uses WhatsApp on their mobile phone and also wants to use it in their computer system.

But you know people find loopholes in any new technology and people not only use their own WhatsApp through this application but also started using it to read someone else WhatsApp also but to do this they need the target person’s mobile and same process we described in the first app we need to follow same and link that device into your system

NOTE: When the target person uninstalls the WhatsApp or he knows that someone accessing his or her WhatsApp he can able to disconnect that device through the WhatsApp setting.


How to Spy on someone WhatsApp? are most searched by Husband or Wife and Boyfriend and Girlfriend because somehow their trust break issues and you can use it for other family members also like you can spy on your child’s WhatsApp also and it’s not illegal because it officially launched by WhatsApp.

But make sure you use it for the right purpose just you need both mobiles with internet connection but it will be difficult for those who use App lock for WhatsApp.

Hope you understand the whole process and use it in the right way.



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