July 14, 2024
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Twitter Spaces Introducing soon the New Change voice Feature ‘Voice Transformer’: 2021

Twitter Spaces the new change Voice Feature  ‘Voice Transformer’ 

Twitter Spaces introducing a new feature ‘Voice Transformer’ which will change voice with a variety of effects it shows that it’s working on an app to make it more interesting for users and currently it comes in one of the most popular apps. This new feature of changing voice in real-time in between live Spaces.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong, A very famous personality who researches and discloses the hidden and secret things of the Twitter app and website. This new Feature of ‘Voice Transformer’ that changes your voice was also first revealed by her. Wong also mentions that the feature will let users change their “voice pitch or adds echo to your audio.” Check the Screenshot Image that gives an idea of how it looks in Twitter’s Mobile App. You can Hear your changer voice before sending it you just need to press hold to hear your transformed voice and can able to know how it’s sound after changing voice.

Sounds that will be available to change voice

Sounds like Helium, Bee, Microphone, Stadium, Stage, Incognito, Phone, Spatial, and Cartoon are available in Twitter Spaces latterly founded by Developer Steve Moser. The code is already available in the current version of the Twitter app, but it’s unknown when this feature is available for users.

Jane Manchun Wong also revealed that Twitter might change the Requirements for users to enable Tip Jar on their Profiles and also required approval application for Tip Jar, and screenshot, it was suggested that the feature will only be available for accounts with more than 1000 followers and should have completed 90 Days before the Application.


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