July 12, 2024
“Twitch” Amazon’s Livestreaming Platform Announcement

“Twitch” Amazon’s Livestreaming Platform Announcement

“Twitch” The Live streaming platform of Amazon Announced the Safety Advisory Council

This council is formed with Eight members and they will advise and suggest every product and policy change that occurs on Amazon. They will focus on marginalized groups such as areas like harassment and protection.

Twitch Highlight

  • Twitch works on the togetherness of human moderators and automation. 
  • It has crossed 15 million Daily users announced by Twitch
  • Donald Trump US president joined Twitch last year

The live streaming platform of Amazon’s video game “Twitch” is forming an advisory council of the most experienced users, online safety experts, and anti-bullying advocates they all will help to grow safety on the site as stated by Twitch Its blog post on Thursday.

Twitch has used live streaming of shooting attacks in Germany which occurred last October and said this year they doubled their team of who involved in safety operations they also updated with new tools to help volunteer channel moderators.

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