July 12, 2024
WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp New feature : Now users enable the disappearing messages function

WhatsApp New Feature Disappearing message feature was confirmed by WhatsApp, now users can enable and disable this functionality If the user enabled it then messages sent to individual users or in different groups will disappear after seven days of the period. This WhatsApp new feature will not work if the disappearing message is forwarded as per WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Feature setting restrictions

This setting will not work for the message sent or received in the past, you will find detailed information about it on its support page

Users can able to enable or disable this setting for their personal individual chat but in group chat, if you, not an admin then you will not able to modify this setting only admins can able to modify this feature in group chat.

WhatsApp Disappearing message function 

When the user turns on this setting and after that user has not opened Whatsapp during seven days of the period then the message will automatically disappear but the user might get able to view a preview in notification until WhatsApp is opened.

For forwarded Disappearing messages this feature will not work but if the user has a backup of that time period then they can able to restore it and view the messages.

Images and videos will automatically be downloaded and saved to your phone if the user enables the auto-download setting in the media download

One thing is still not customizable there was no option of the auto-deleting message after a particular time frame of the period.

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