July 20, 2024
Earn using Paytm App. Paytm Affiliate

How To Join PayTM Affiliate Program In 2024 | Earn Money through Paytm Affiliate Program

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PayTM Affiliate network best way to earn money. Today many affiliate networks are available that you can join and earn good money. We discuss in this article the Paytm affiliate program. To know more and step-by-step guidance read this article till the end.

Let’s discuss how PayTm affiliate programs work and generate income from it. After registering for the PayTM Affiliate program you will be able to generate links for (PayTM Mall) all products and update them on your website or blog. When someone clicks this link through your website and purchases any product then PayTm will give a commission for that purchased product. Now you know what’s PayTm affiliate program is and how you will make money out of it. So, if you want to join it then we will explain further how to register for it. , how much you will earn?


Steps to register for Paytm Affiliate:- 

Paytm doesn’t run an affiliate program, you need an affiliate network that provides affiliates of PayTm 

  • You need to sign up for an affiliate network and be approved for membership
  • After approval, you can able to log in and generate a link to products of PayTm
  • Promote these links on your blog, website, and other social media networks and start earning.

Paytm Mall Affiliate Program 2024

If you want to earn more money then you need to promote Paytm mall products because on recharges and bill payments of Paytm, commission levels are very low. So, to earn more money, you need to promote both Paytm and PayTm mall products on your blog and website

Paytm affiliate commission rates

Affiliate  Network Commission
cuelinks Paytm mall earns up to 1.42 /sale
Paytm earn up to 1.12%/sale
Admitad  Paytm Mall earns up to 3%/sale
Paytm earn up to 1.5%/sale
Vcomission  Paytm mall earns up to 2.5%/ sale
Paytm earn up to 1.99%/sale
Affoy  Paytm mall earns up to 1.50%/sale
Paytm earn up to 1%/sale
iRefers Paytm mall earns up to 2.25% on sale
Paytm earn up to 1.5%/sale


Top Affiliate Network to join Paytm affiliate

Paytm does not work like other affiliate programs like Amazon and Flipkart which provide direct affiliate links but for Paytm, you need to join a Paytm affiliate partner program and make money out of it.

Here we researched some of the famous and trusted affiliate networks by registering you can able to join the Paytm affiliate program.


In India, cuelinks is a very famous and trustworthy affiliate network. In cuelinks, you can connect more than 1000 shopping stores and after joining cuelinks you can promote all the products and earn a commission. To join cue links you need to fill out the form and after submitting it takes 7 days for approval. After approval, you will be able to log in with your registered user ID and generate not only an affiliate link of PayTm but you can also promote other online store’s products on your website and it will earn money for you.


Admitad the huge CPA affiliate network. To join the Paytm affiliate program you need to register Admitad. It has more than 1500 partner brands. To join you need to fill out the sign-up form by following the simple steps after verification of your website you can see all the affiliate programs and can able to generate affiliate links for all Paytm products and by promoting these products you will start earning.


iRefer is the new affiliate network chain in India but people trust it because It pays commission timely, generates revenue well, and has real-time reporting, and in any problem or query, you can able to get 24/7 support. After signing up and verifying, you can join the Paytm affiliate program and create affiliate links for all the products.


Vcommission is known for its simple interface and good tracking system. It comes in good affiliate networks in India that support the Paytm affiliate campaign. You can join Vcommission by filling out a simple form and once you are approved you can able to promote Paytm Mall products and it generates revenue for you.


Affoy also comes in leading corporate marketing networks in India. It’s known for a good experienced Team, supports more than 100 campaigns, well-established tracking service. You need to sign up and verify after that you can use the Paytm affiliate program through the affoy affiliate network.

So, we have described above some of the top affiliate networks by which you use Paytm and Paytm mall affiliate campaigns.
In the market, many other famous affiliate sites also provide direct affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliate, snapdeal Affiliate, payoom, and Clickbank Affiliate. All these provide good commission on product selling.


Paytm affiliate program India:- 

earnkaro.com provides PayTm affiliate marketing for these you need to open the website or download the mobile application.
First of all, you need to create a valid account. After creating and logging in with your user click on Create the link and paste the Paytm page URL and it will convert it to an affiliate link, share this link on your website and blog, and start earning money.


Paytm very big and trusted platform many government institutions and big companies also prefer it for recharge and bill payments but Paytm mall’s e-commerce service is less successful and Paytm does not provide much commission on recharge and bill payments because affiliate network companies cut some commission earned by Paytm affiliate program India.

For all these reasons people don’t prefer Paytm affiliates in comparison to Amazon and Flipkart but still, you want to be an affiliate partner of PayTm you can use the above-mentioned affiliate network site and by promoting its products earn a commission


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