Remove China apps, Use better Indian and US alternative apps

Remove China apps, Use better Indian and US alternative apps
Remove China apps, Use better Indian and US alternative apps

Today Indian wants to remove China apps and use better Indian better alternatives for these apps. So today in this blog we will provide best Indian and US alternatives for China apps.

Did you know that most of the applications you are downloading from Play Store are of China ? 

Yes most of the apps are of China and any experts claimed that China is collecting user’s data and information and sending it to their server and this a very major concern.

So our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has addressed the public ‘Vocal for local’ which means that Indian should avoid using foreign-made products and buy only Domestic products. 

We also have to avoid using foreign services also, so today we are providing you the best Indian and US alternative apps for China apps.


Here is the list of all Alternative of China Apps –

  • ShareChat (Alternative to TikTok)

From the reports we got to know that using TikTok has major concern today. There are a lot of security issues of using this app, their serves is sending data to China. 

So the best alternative of this app is ShareChat where you can create professional videos with many features and can share it and communicate with many peoples. This app has crossed more than 100 Million downloads and the perfect alternative of TikTok


  • Google Chrome  (Alternative of UC Browser)

UC browser have faced many security-related issues. While surfing for any website your data is not secure here and your search information is leaking somewhere.

Indian Government had also alleged them for data theft in 2017.

So the best alternative of this browser is Google Chrome Browser, as we all know that Google is a very big brand so your data is completely safe here.

This is the best ever browser we recommend. It is very easy to use and can also switch it to desktop mode. 


  • ShareAll ( Xender Alternative)

Xender has also faced security issues in past years where all your downloading content is sharing somewhere else by their bots and it is a very major concern.

So the best alternative of Xender is ShareAll where you can easily share or transfer files without internet connection. The main thing is that it is an Indian app so your data will be completely safe. The speed of sharing data is also very fast.


  • Namaste (Zoom alternative)

Zoom has faced some security issues like leaking your data or information from videos. Zoom had accepted their fault and had worked on it but still its risky and users are recommended to stop using it.

The best alternative is the Zoom app which is an Indian app made by Jio which requires some improvements right now. But yes you can use it now and you will not face any issues of security here.


  • Photo Video maker with Music (Viva video Alternative)

Viva Video is a video editor app for smartphones this app requires many permission to allow. Generally no video editor apps asks for so much permissions.

The best alternative of this app is a Photo video maker with music. This app have great features and effects to edit videos. This app has professional videos editor tools which make videos beautiful.


  • Adobe Scan (Cam Scanner alternative)

Cam Scanner is an app which converts image to pdf or docx. Format. The app was removed from play store because Trojan virus was found there which was downloading content of users. But after some improvement in app it was back to play store. Still there is a risk of using this app. 

The best alternative of this app is Adobe Scan. It is fully secure and better alternative of Cam Scanner where you can easily convert image to pdf or docx format. 

There are various alternatives but adobe scan is best.


  • Norton App lock (alternative of App lock)

App lock by DoMobile is a Chinese app for locking apps but this app is asking for access of media files. They can easily see your all files and it’s a major concern for users.

The best alternative of this app is Norton App Lock which fully secure and best alternative. This app is made by US and the main thing is this add is free from annoying ads and user friendly interface.


  • Candy Camera (Beauty plus Alternative)

Beauty plus app is for editing and making effect for images but they will ask for direct access to your media which is not secured for you. It is Chinese app so we should avoid it.

The best alternative of this app is Candy Camera which is providing great features to its users like beautifying effects, slimming, proper contrast with whitening. If you are addicted for your selfies then this is the best app for you.


  • Call of Duty ( PUBG Alternative)

We all know that peoples are addicted to PUBG but you should know that this app needs data and they can access your phone anytime. So this app is not secure at all still choice is of users.

The best alternative of this app is Call of Duty which have great features and graphics in it. The competition you are seeing in PUBG will also be here so you should use this app instead of PUBG.


  • Office suite by MS office ( WPS Office)

WPS office is a Chinese app and we all know that this is a great app and its very difficult to replace this app. Because other apps are not providing features like this.

So the best alternative of WPS office is Office Suite by MS office which is complete and pack application. This application is made by American company. But if you just want to see document files only then you can use Google drive.


  • Proton VPN (Alternative of Turbo VPN)

Turbo VPN is a great app and have more than million of downloads. This app is made by Singapore company and has links with China. This app is reading users data.

The best alternative of this app is Proton VPN. This app is made by Switzerland company and doesn’t read any of the user data. It is fully secure and best alternative of Turbo VPN.


  • C Cleaner (Clean Master Alternative)

Clean Mater app or DU speed Booster is to clean your phone but the truth is that this app consumes a lot of space and slow down speed of phone. 

Instead of using these apps C Cleaner is best app for cleaning your phone and is fully secure and will not do your phone speed slow.


  • Whatsapp (Wechat)

Wechat is a Chinese app and mainly used by China users. If you are using this app then uninstall it and get the better alternative of that.

The best alternative is WhatsApp where you are secured by its end-to-end-encryption. This is the best app where you will get many features and this is the fully secure app.


We have a strong recommendation to uninstall Chinese apps and use Indian and US better alternative apps. We have to follow ‘vocal for local’ for these services also. So support and use Indian apps only.



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