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Amazon Quiz Contest All Answers Today 25th Jan 2022: Answer the Questions and Stand A Chance To Win Rs 20000 Pay Balance

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Amazon Quiz Contest आपके लिये हर रोज 20000/- रुपये जितने का मौखा लेकर आया है । Amazon ने हाल ही में अपने यूजर्स के लिए Amazon Quiz Contest लेकर आया है। Amazon Quiz में हर रोज (amazon daily quiz) कई सारे लोगो को अलग-अलग इनाम दिया जाता है। तो चलिए जानते है Amazon Quiz में कैसे एअर्निंग की जा सकती है ? तो यहाँ हर रोज यूजर्स से पांच सवाल पूछे जाते हैं।

अगर आपका नंबर इन पांचों सवालों का सही जवाब देने वाले यूजर्स विनर्स लिस्ट में आता है तो आप भी विनर्स बन सकते है यहाँ amazon quiz winners चुनाव के लिए लकी ड्रॉ किया जाता है।

(How does Amazon choose quiz winners?) लकी ड्रॉ में जो भी विजेता बनता है उनको मैसेज या ईमेल के जरिए इसकी जानकारी दी जाती है। इन सारे Quiz Contest के winners के नामों का ऐलान 31 मार्च 2021 को किया जाएगा।

अमेजन इंडिया की ओर से आयोजित किए जाने वाले इस Quiz Contest को केवल मोबाइल यूजर्स ही खेल सकते हैं। यह सुविधा फिलहाल डेस्कटॉप यूजर्स के लिए नहीं है।

Amazon Quiz Answers

How To Play Amazon Quiz Contest?

Amazon Quiz Contest को खेलने के लिए आपके आप Android mobile होना चाहिए, Android mobile में आप आसानी से निचे दिए गए सारे स्टेप फॉलो करके ये game खेल सकते हो और Winners बन सकते हो।( How do I participate in Amazon quiz contest?)

1. Download Amazon App through google play store.

2. After download the Amazon App Open now.

3. Scroll Down you will see the banner, now Click On Quiz Banner

4. Click On Play Now button.

5. Give Above Answers And Play Quiz and win money.


Note: If You are Not found Amazon Quiz Page in your App then you can go to Search option and search ‘Quiz’ or ‘Funzone’. You will found 1st Result as ‘FunZone’, win prizes with Games & Quizzes’ >>Open It>> You will see Today’s Quiz.


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Amazon Quiz Answers:

Amazon Quiz Answers 7th March 2021: Win Dyson Air Purifier

Question 1 of 5:

Rial is the official currency of ______. Fill in the blanks.

The Answer is- Iran

Question 2 of 5:

Which of the following national parks is located in Rajasthan?

The Answer is- Keoladeo National Park

Question 3 of 5:

What is the chemical symbol of lead?

The Answer is- Pb

Question 4 of 5:

Wellington is the capital of which country?

The Answer is- New Zealand

Question 5 of 5:

India has the shortest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world. (True or False)

The Answer is- False

Amazon Quiz Answers Today (amazon quiz today) 6th March 2021: Win Sony Playstation 4

Question 1 of 5:

Which plant was added to the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest growing plant on earth?

The Answer is- Bamboo

Question 2 of 5:

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we see Hulk as a green-colored giant superhero. But what color was he meant to be originally?

The Answer is- Grey

Question 3 of 5:

Which of the 7 continents of the world has the most number of countries?

The Answer is- Africa

Question 4 of 5:

Which country is referred to as ‘the land of a thousand lakes’?

The Answer is- Finland

Question 5 of 5:

Which Oscar-winning Hollywood star is of Indian descent and was given the name Krishna Pandit Bhanji at the time of his birth?

The Answer is- Sir Ben Kingsley

Amazon Pay Quiz Answers today’s amazon quiz answers [5th March 2021, 8AM To 12PM]

Answer and stand a chance to win  Rs 20000 Pay  Balance

About amazon quiz today

About Today’s Amazon Quiz
Date 6th March 2021
Quiz Time 8 AM to 12 PM
Quiz Prize Win Sony Playstation 4
Winner will be Announced  Next Month
Today’s Quiz Name Win Sony Playstation 4
Where to Play Amazon Mobile App

Amazon quiz answers  (amazon today quiz)

Q1- Who among these was NOT named in the Asia XI squad for a series to celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?
Ans: Rohit Sharma

Q2- The foundation stone for the Army headquarters new building was recently laid. What has it been christened as?
Ans: Thal Sena Bhawan

Q3- @ gypsyking101 is the Instagram handle of which famous person currently in the news?
Ans: Tyson Fury

Q4- Which of these has been declared the theme for National Science Day 2021, by the government’s Department of Science & Technology?
Ans:  Women in Science

Q5- Who is known as the ‘Waterman of India’ and is renowned for his conservational efforts in bringing back many rivers, and increasing the water table level in Rajasthan?
Ans: Dr. Rajendra Singh

Amazon Today’s Quiz Contest Terms:

  • This Contest will commence on 5th March 2021 From 8:00:00 A.M. (IST) To 12:59:59 P.M. (IST) (“Contest Period”)
  • In order to be eligible for the Contest, during the Contest Period you must sign-in to or sign-up from an account on the Amazon.in App (“Amazon.in App”).
  • Once you have signed-in to the Amazon.in App, you can participate by navigating to the page where 5 (five) questions will be posted during the entire Contest Period.
  • Thereafter, if you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be entitled to a lucky draw which will be carried out amongst participants who have answered that particular question correctly.
  • The draw of lots will be carried out during the Contest Period for the questions and a total of 1 participant will be selected as winners by a random draw of lots.
  • The declared lucky winner(s) will be eligible for winning Rs 20000 Pay  Balance


Amazon Women’s Day Edition Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions and Stand a Chance To Win Rs 10000 Pay balance [today amazon quiz]

1. What is the theme for this years International Women’s Day? (Hint : The theme is aligned with UN Women’s new multi-generational campaign, Generation Equality.)
Ans. I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights

2. Garima Arora was the first Indian female chef to be conferred with what coveted distinction in the world of cuisine?
Ans. Michelin Star

3.  Muthayya Vanitha is the Project Director of which of these ISRO missions in the news last year?
Ans. Chandrayaan- 2

4. In 2021, the European parliament is celebrating the 25th anniversary of which declaration on gender equality on International Woman’s Day?
Ans. Beijing declaration

5. Who equalled Zhang Ning’s record of most badminton world championship medals in women’s singles in 2019?
Ans. PV Sindhu

6. Bihar’s Shikha Surabhi, became the first woman to be part of which celebrated team at the Republic Day parade?
Ans. Daredevils

7. IPS officer Aparna Kumar, who scaled the South Pole won the National Adventure Awards named after which pioneer?
Ans. Tenzing Norgay


Amazon Galaxy M31 Quiz Answers (amazon quiz answer today)

Answer the Questions and Stand a Chance To Win Samsung Galaxy M31 Smarthphone

1. In which year did Samsung Galaxy M series launch?
Ans. 2019

2. Which of these is NOT a Samsung Galaxy M series model?
Ans. M 3.1

3. Which of these are the features of upcoming Samsung Galaxy M31?
Ans. All of theAbove

4. Which of these hashtags is associated with the Samsung Galaxy M31?
Ans. Megamonster

5. How many lenses does the rear camera of Samsung Galaxy M31 have?
Ans. 4


Amazon Saheli Quiz Answers(amazon quiz today answers)

Answer the Questions and Stand a Chance To Win Rs 10000

1.  When is women’s day celebrated across the world?
Ans. 8th March

2. The ___ Amazon program aims at empowering women entrepreneurs and support these women to sell their products on Amazon. (Fill in the blank)
Ans. Amazon Saheli

3. Amazon has partnered with Mann Deshi Foundation and COWE(Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs) for the Amazon Saheli program. What is their main objective?
Ans. To boost women entrepreneurship in the country

4. Amazon Saheli supports women entrepreneurs with benefits such as training, free imaging and cataloging services, subsidized fees, management support and enhanced discoverability through a separate storefront. (True or False).

5. Name the online platform launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to support women entrepreneurs?
Ans. Mahila E-haat


Amazon Nilkamal Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions and Stand a Chance To Win Rs 10000

1.  Which of the below is a new range of mattresses by Nilkamal, recently launched on Amazon.in?
Ans. Doctar Dreams

2. The Doctor Dreams range of mattresses starts from ?7,499. You can also avail ‘No cost EMI’ to purchase this from Amazon.in.
Ans. True

3. The Doctor Dreams range of mattresses are dust and sag resistant. Which of the below is NOT an effect which using Doctor Dreams mattresses could have?
Ans. Gives You Wings

4. Doctor dreams mattress comes gets delivered to you in a vacuum packed roll, which you can unbox, roll out, remove the plastic wrap and start using.
Ans. True

5. All Doctor dreams mattresses come with a ____ warranty. Fill in the blanks
Ans. 10 Years


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