July 12, 2024
WhatsApp Voice Messages Preview

WhatsApp Voice Messages Preview Feature Launched: 2022

WhatsApp Voice Messages Preview Feature Launched


WhatsApp Voice messages preview is an amazing feature now you can preview your Voice messages before sending them without any doubt.


WhatsApp Voice messages Feature is amazing and used by millions of users but you can’t able to hear it before sending it sometimes it’s disappointing when your voice message was not proper but now you don’t need to bother about it because WhatsApp has now let you preview your voice messages before sending it. So, once you are ready with your perfect voice message you can send them without any doubt.


Now check how it will work and how to listen to WhatsApp voice messages before sending them. To use this feature as you used before you need to press and hold the icon of the mic which records your voice message and here you just need to slide it into hands-free recording mode. When you finish your message click on the stop button available in the center and now you can play it to preview your voice message. Once you are satisfied with that just click the send button.

WhatsApp Voice Messages Preview Feature Announcement:



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This one is a really surprising and useful feature and you haven’t used this feature before because other messaging apps like Instagram and Facebook messenger also do not allow to preview option till now but yes, they allow you to lock the microphone to get rid of pressing mic icon while recording.


As you know every new feature is available for Beta users for testing and takes some time to roll out worldwide but it will release soon.



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