April 11, 2024
WhatsApp Bug

New WhatsApp Bug: A threat to your personal data: Check the details: 2022

New WhatsApp bug: A threat to your data

WhatsApp Image filter bug has been revealed by a security firm that harmed many users but now the WhatsApp bug has been fixed.

New WhatsApp Bug called WhatsApp image filter Bug which enables hackers to steal your data from your smartphone. WhatsApp is one of the most used chatting apps with its millions of users and that’s why hackers always try to hack this app. Many cases have been reported till now against the privacy and security of WhatsApp.

The latest case is the WhatsApp image filter bug that harmed many users as confirmed by the security firm. This allows hackers to get access to your data but currently, WhatsApp has fixed this sensitive security flaw.

Checkpoint Research about WhatsApp bug

According to CheckPoint Research, WhatsApp has fixed an “out of bounds, read-write vulnerability” that might have allowed a hacker to read sensitive details from WhatsApp memory. This flaw took help from WhatsApp image filters to send a maliciously crafted image that would create a bad impact on the users’ devices and in turn allow the cybercriminals to get access to personal accounts and read information from WhatsApp’s memory.

Researchers Dikla Barda & Gal Elbaz from the security firm revealed that when a user applied a WhatsApp filter to the image, the hacker using this opportunity gets access to WhatsApp memory which can have important data.

“A missing bounds check in WhatsApp for Android before v2.21.1.13 and WhatsApp Business for Android before v2.21.1.13 could have allowed out-of-bounds read and write if a user applied specific image filters to a specially crafted image and sent the resulting image,” WhatsApp stated.

This security flaw was revealed to WhatsApp on November 10, 2020, as per the security firm.



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