April 9, 2024
FACEBOOK: 'Manage Activity' Feature: Hide your old posts from profile

FACEBOOK: ‘Manage Activity’ Free Feature: Hide your old posts from profile

“Manage Activity” Facebook’s new feature You will be now able to delete or archive old posts that now you don’t want to see and by this feature, you can manage your digital appearances at your convenience

facebook manage activity tool:- 

Well, Some of the readers in thinking that how does this tool useful to us? We explain the situation like that if you joined any new job or joined any club or some new friends group were in front of them your personality was very well managed but all of those friends and employer visit your Facebook ID and it happens generally when you meet new person other people curious to check your social profile and they find some of your old pictures may be old relationships that you don’t want to disclose and in old days in excitement you have uploaded some of your pictures in bulk.

So, a question about how to handle this situation? You may delete those memories and forget them permanently but now this brand-new feature you will be able to manage all of them.

This new tool will let you delete unwanted photos in bulk by selecting criteria like posts related to some particular person or posts between a certain time period.

You will feel comfortable managing all your posts, and pictures by deleting, and archiving all the stuff. There is an option to trash all this stuff and later when you change your mind you may restore them all but this trash time limit is 30 days but if you delete that from trash then you can’t be able to restore it.


“Manage Activity” to use this Amazing tool Follow below steps:-

Step 1: Log in to Facebook and open your profile

Step 2: Click on Activity Log>Manage Activity>Your Posts

Step 3: Click on Filters and choose “People” or “Date” if you have any criteria for organizing your posts or you can click on “categories” and choose posts that you want to delete from options: All, Text updates, check-ins, notes and more, Photos and videos and Posts from other applications.

Step 4: Now just select the posts and click on the “Archive” or “Trash” options at the bottom, to organize the posts

FACEBOOK: 'Manage Activity' Feature: Hide your old posts from profile
FACEBOOK: ‘Manage Activity’ Feature:

Currently, this new tool is only available on Facebook Lite and will soon roll out for the mainstream Facebook app and PC.

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