“Google Meet” Free Video Chat With 100 People

"Google Meet" Free Video Chat With 100 People

“Google Meet” Free Video Chat With 100 People

Have you ever tried to connect 100 people in video chat you may think It’s not possible If you not heard about Google Meet? By using G Suit You could be able to use totally free video conferencing. You need Google Account or you can create new one to connect it can make video call meetings up to 100 user one by one or just one click.

Google meet started as premium platform to use It but due to current situation of      Corona virus  affected every country and such demand of this type of free video conferencing, It offers free version of application for now.There were Google Duo and Hangout exist for personal video chatting.

Now a days this type of Google meet Application  of video conferencing much needed for Big companies, Government organizations and in current situation of corona virus where every one connects through video calls. You can manage the calling members by adding one by one member or select members and make video call at just one click. The main feature are planning meetings, sharing the screen and real time captioning.


Connect Google Meet website. Fill the info like name, email, nation and other credentials. Give consent to Google’s T&C, and click Submit.

Video Conferencing App:

1. Connect official website

2. Enter meeting code or click on start new meeting.

3. Enter Google account which you wish to connect

4. Now, click the Join Meeting. Other participants can also be added.

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This Right move was commendable considering Zoom’s position in the market. This action by Google helped them to make impressions in the online platform since Indian people started using this application.

Zoom platform consider unsafe due to some data and security concerns as per Government. Google shown concern about various default security measures with Meet,  It includes host controls, complex gathering codes, and encryption.

At the time of launch of the application the user required G-Suit to use this service. But now you just need an Google Account and by connecting it you will be able to video call up to 100 user at a time. This unlimited call duration till September 30.

Previously, the users were required to be ‘paying G-Suite’ customers for availing service. But now any user having Google account will be able to phone up to 100 people at a time having unlimited call duration till September 30.

After that september 30 Google plans to charge this type of video calls exceeding over 60 minutes but Google meet user will able to use all It’s unique feature similarly like zoom Application.

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Google understand the current situation and started this type of useful application that you can connect it through gmail account and start and join meetings by just one click

This Google meet video calling app popularity touching the sky as every one need this app to study from home or employees who works from home connects digitally with each other with help of Google Meet.


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