July 2, 2020
How many Gmail accounts can we have? How to Create a Gmail Account??

How many Gmail accounts can we have? How to Create a Gmail Account?: Free Guide 2020

How many Gmail accounts can we have? How to Create a Gmail Account?

How many Gmail Account can we have?  Question that many people wants to know, So today we will talk about this and how to create Gmail Account? 

In today’s life, maximum peoples have Gmail account for their business or industry purpose. Gmail has more than billion of traffic in a month. Gmail has arrived 11 years ago and had left all email services behind like Orkut, yahoo, and many more.

Gmail is a success because of an easy and user-friendly interface and have never heard complaining about Gmail services. It is completely free to use and has much better features than other platforms. You can send any type of work emails and can send content in any format like pdf, Docx, and many more but these much of benefit of using gmail account but but still many people don’t have proper knowledge about it like How many Gmail accounts can we have? And how to create gmail account? and many more please read the article for more information. 


How many Gmail Accounts can we have ?

This is the basic question asked and searched by many peoples that how many Gmail accounts can we have? Generally we can create four account per number.

If we want to create more account, we can create hundred of account but we have to add different phone numbers to sign up. We can easily switch to other account without logging out of currently using account.

You can easily manage your Google account.


How to create multiple Gmail Accounts?

How to create multiple Gmail Accounts?
How to create multiple Gmail Accounts?
  • First you have to go to Google Mail account page
  • Then tap on Create account and tap on ‘for myself’ or ‘for business’
  • Then enter your first name and last name.
  • Then it will ask Date of birth and Gender.
  • Then you have to choose an email from suggested email
  • Then create your password and confirm it.
  • Then add phone number for recovery of password.
  • Then you have to accept terms and conditions.
  • Then you have to set up email for Google.
  • Then login your id, after login you will receive a confirmation message from Google team.

I Think you got the answer of how many Gmail accounts can we have? But If you had questions that how do i switch between gmail accounts then you have to click on top right of the Gmail account page, there you will see all your created account. Whichever account you want to open just tap on that account.

The main benefit of Gmail account is that it will send all of the insecure messages to the Spam folder, which is available in the Gmail menu bar.

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Peoples uses Gmail for various purposes like business or job. You can permanent deactivate your Gmail account anytime. There is default setting of every account where you can change it anytime.


Advantages of having Gmail Account 

How many Gmail accounts can we have? How to Create a Gmail Account??
Advantages of having Gmail Account
  • It can access from anywhere, there is no need to open only from your regular computer. It can easily operate from any device and have multiple Gmail accounts android, in other email services we have to face issues when we open our account in another device.
  • If you are creating a business account then you can also video calls to your clients and other peoples for better conversation, you can also save the results for future purposes.
  • There is very high storage space, you don’t need to delete your chat history because there is huge storage space, Gmail for business is providing 25 Gb of storage space so that you can easily save big files and documents.
  • There is very high security of your account, your data is secured with SSL-encrypted connection, no one can use or hack your account.
  • Gmail account is very easy to use, you can easily operate it and can change themes and fonts easily for an attractive interface.


Why we need a Gmail account?

  • Instead of giving phone numbers to others, peoples generally prefer to give Gmail id, because of transparency. Some peoples generally misuse of contact numbers, so here you have not to provide any contact number, just provide your Gmail id.
  • Whenever we have to apply for job, instead of asking contact number the contact page will ask your mail id and will start messaging through Mail id.
  • Al the notifications today are forwarding to Mail id like if we are subscribing to YouTube channel and press bell icon for notification, they will Mail you for updates. YouTube will always ask for your Mail id.

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Why Gmail is better than other email service providers?

  • Gmail doesn’t show annoying ads while using it, many of email services have this the biggest disadvantage because users want to work freely without any disturbance.
  • Another reason 8s Google Drive, google provide this facility to store your document files here easily. For sharing documents with google drive you can use Gmail.
  • Gmail is helping peoples with suggested words, when we are writing the article it will automatically suggest you the next word which basically helps in long messages.
  • Gmail is of Google so the users have the benefit of its goodwill. We can easily trust to this services because now Google is a brand.



So here we have shown all the necessary details about Gmail like How many Gmail accounts can we have? and all the relevant things about Gmail service.

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